Month: September 2018

Mirena Coil Update

23rd September 2018 0

You can catch yourself up on my contraception experience over here. So a miracle happened. After being referred to gynae for my missing coil strings, they reappeared. Then disappeared. Then reappeared. This went on every few days so I just decided to bite the bullet and make a nurses appointment at my doctors and chance…

By cara mccall

Ready-Made Jewellery

9th September 2018 0

I’ve been on the look out for dainty, long wearing simplistic jewellery and I’ve found exactly that. Over on Instagram I came across Ready-Made Jewellery, a jewellery company based in Los Angeles that take pride in their durable, tarnish free jewellery that is as strong as it is pretty. I got in contact with them…

By cara mccall