Ableism and Internalised Ableism

14th March 2019 0

One massive downside of having a disability, that no one prepares you for, is ableism. Wether it be people assuming you’re young healthy and shouldn’t be using a mobility aid or people giving you unsolicited advice, it’s shit. One form of ableism that I’m learning to control is internalised ableism. Basically giving myself a hard…

By cara mccall

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

24th October 2018 0

I have touched on my experience with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome a little before in my blog post about contraception, which you can read here but I have collaborated with Nature’s Best to write a blog post and do an interview about my experience to raise more awareness of PCOS. PCOS or Polycystic OvarY Syndrome is…

By cara mccall

Sex with a chronic illness

19th October 2018 2

I wanted to call this post “Sex with M.E” but I felt that that would attract too many weirdos misreading it as “Sex with Me” so I’ll stick with “Sex with a Chronic Illness” instead. I’ve always been super open about sex, it’s not something that embarrasses me or irks me in any way. I…

By cara mccall

Gigs with a disability

18th October 2018 0

Going to gigs is one of my favourite things to do. The atmosphere, the music and the singing along, not caring what you sound like. With a disability it can taint that magical feeling. Since my health and mobility worsening, I haven’t been to many gigs and the reason for that is accessibility. I was…

By cara mccall

Depression & Chronic Illness

17th October 2018 0

I have suffered from depressive periods since I have been around 12/13. Most of them are filled with low moods, low self esteem and no feelings of self worth. Since my diagnosis I have seen a huge link between M.E/C.F.S and my depressive periods. I am an extremely high achiever and being stripped of the…

By cara mccall

Anxiety & Chronic Illness

16th October 2018 0

One thing I wasn’t aware of upon being diagnosed with M.E/C.F.S is the amount of anxiety that would stem from being unwell. I’ve had my history with anxiety in the past but this somehow felt different to what I’ve experienced before. It felt like going from worrying that something silly may happen to worrying that…

By cara mccall