CBD Experience ft Kanaco

CBD Experience ft Kanaco

3rd October 2018 3 By cara mccall

18th September

I have been wanting to try CBD oil for a good while now to help lessen or shift some symptoms of M.E/C.F.S (read about that here) that I experience. After feeling disheartened by my experience with the very weak Holland and Barrett version, I knew I had to give some of the stronger CBD products a try. I tried doing some research, joining facebook groups, but it was all so overwhelming for me and learning about a new thing can be tough with M.E/C.F.S especially suffering with brain fog.

After reading a blog post from Sarah Pokorny at Not the Endo Me about using CBD for pain management and anxiety, I was very intrigued. I went online to the website linked in her post, Kanaco.co.uk.

I started browsing the site and instantly knew I wanted to make a purchase because for the first time ever whilst browsing CBD products, I didn’t feel overwhelmed with information and product choices. I saw 2 products I hadn’t seen before, CBD Flower (the raw flower in which the CBD is in, basically just weed buds without the THC) and capsules (CBD oil encapsulated inside a gelatine capsule. As a vegetarian I wasn’t too pleased but was willing to try anything).

I really wanted to try the flower as I know that consuming the raw flower could get the quickest results due to past experimentation with cannibas.

I decided on 2 grams of Blueberry Dream and 30 capsules of Natural 10mg CBD.

Shipping from the website was amazingly fast and next day delivery really did mean next day. I got a package from the post man which was to be signed for and that was it.

The flowers came in a resealable plastic bag and the capsules in a branded plastic tub. I do wish the flowers came with information about the product on it but the lack of packaging information wasn’t going to influence my trial too much.

I took one capsule as soon as I received the package along with my usual morning tablets. Within about an hour I started to feel the effects of it, it was almost like I had taken 2 cocodomol, just how Sarah Pokorny described it in her post. It was a really nice feeling of being warm and relaxed but not “out of it” which codeine can sometimes do. I decided after taking my capsule that I didn’t actually have to use my walking stick to go to an appointment which was an amazing result for my first time capsule. The results didn’t last too long, maybe 45 minutes or so but it felt nice having a natural pain killer rather than a synthetic.


So after my appointment I went on the hunt for a vape pen or some sort of implement to help me try smoking the flower. I settled on a very “Amsterdam Novelty Gift Shop” looking pipe and a grinder to help grind up the flower. I got home and tried the pipe but it really tasted like smoking burnt toast due to the burning of the flower which I did not like.

Upon ordering I read that the flower can be consumed in tea so I bought a tea strainer to try this method out.

Before bed time I poured myself a cup of Chamomile tea and filled my tea strainer with around half a teaspoon of flower and let it soak alongside the teabag. It worked wonderfully. I felt sleepy, relaxed and warm, a much better result to smoking the flower which I doubt I will try again.

I decided to take another capsule before bed to see if I would have the same effect and whilst it did, I feel that it didn’t fully eradicate all of my usual nightly pain that I experience so I ended up taking two cocodomol and that helped me drift off.

I noticed a lot of very strange and vivid dreams which have been a great conversation starter in the morning. I think sticking to the 2 capsules a day and drinking the tea before bed or throughout the day on more painful days should be a good help.

2 weeks later

October 2nd

Finishing my first purchase

My flower is finished and my capsules are almost gone. I’m amazed. I started the trial sceptical and have finished with a changed opinion. Everyone has noticed such a huge difference in my health. I started noticing that I had a bit more energy every day; I started the trial on a very busy week with appointments and I found that I wasn’t getting as unwell throughout the day and that flare ups were not as intense. The effect of the capsules, almost like a light buzz, wore off within a few days and it was literally just like taking a vitamin. My parents have noticed a big difference, my mum and stepdad saying that they see a lot more of me around the house now and I don’t spend as much time in my room which is fantastic.

As for the flower, well drinking it in a tea just done nothing for me after a few days. It was maybe a placebo effect at first but after a while it just didn’t do anything. I went back to trying the pipe and whilst it did give me a nice relaxed feeling, it really was disgusting. I knew that smoking did give a better effect so I tried smoking the CBD bud in a joint rolled with tobacco. I totally don’t advocate tobacco smoking at all but having experience, being an ex smoker, I gave it a go. The joint worked really well and I was really annoyed that it did because I didn’t want to smoke the flower but I found that it was so relaxing and totally chilled me out. The 2 grams of the flower that I bought lasted me just under 2 weeks but most of it was used for experimenting with what worked for me.

I don’t think I would purchase the bud again as it did encourage me to smoke, unless I was to try vaping it or find a “healthier” smoking alternative.

Now by no means do I feel cured by CBD or the CBD flower but they really have helped me. I see the capsules like a new vitamin that I’ve tried that happens to boost my energy and overall wellness, not by much but by a noticeable amount. I have found that my pain has been slightly less, my fatigue has improved and on most days my brain fog isn’t quite as bad as it usually is.

Would I recommend CBD? Yes and no. The bottom line is, it’s expensive and over a long period of time the costs of it do add up but if it’s something you’re willing to invest in then I would 100% say “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”. If, like me, you’re willing to invest in some things that may make life a bit easier than by all means give it a go.

I plan on doing an update every so often on how my experience is going using CBD as I’ve just put in another order for 1 months worth of capsules. If anyone else has any advice or tips about CBD then please feel free to comment or get in touch!

Cara x