Mirena Coil Update

Mirena Coil Update

23rd September 2018 0 By cara mccall

You can catch yourself up on my contraception experience over here.

So a miracle happened. After being referred to gynae for my missing coil strings, they reappeared. Then disappeared. Then reappeared. This went on every few days so I just decided to bite the bullet and make a nurses appointment at my doctors and chance wether my strings would have made an appearance or not.

I went to my appointment with the nurse, that day my coil strings were around an inch long, so they were perfect for removal but I had had unprotected sex with my partner 4 days prior so I didn’t want to risk the chance of pregnancy. I arranged another appointment and went back the following week.

I was so nervous about going but the nurse put me at ease. She did a full STI screening which is recommended to every sexually active person every 6 months whether you are in a long term relationship or not, so take care of your body and get tested. I got a quick test for thrush that came back positive which I am pretty sure has been from all of the coil yoyoing. I got prescribed 3 consecutive nightly pessaries so that should be cleared in no time.

The removal itself was actually so smooth. My strings were not visible so the nurse used a thread retriever which worked a treat (compared to when the Dr at Gynae tried to do the same, I think I was more uptight in the hospital environment resulting in it being a lot sorer) and just as it started to get sore the nurse had slid the little horror out. I was over the moon that it meant I didn’t have to go for an op to get it out, just 5 minutes of slight discomfort and that was it.

I felt instantly lighter and so relieved. I’ve noticed some immediate changes which I didn’t expect, my sex drive has increased back to normal which is such a relief!

I plan to do an update on how my body is reacting to being hormone free. The plan at the moment is just to cover the stump before I hump. So, no glove? No love for me.

Cara x