30th August 2018 0 By cara mccall

So I recently did something that I’ve wanted to do for ages. I ordered a custom pot from Potyertitsawayluv, a wonderful artist who makes customised tit pots (pots with your tits on them, duh).

I recently found out about Potyertitsawayluv through a Megan Ellaby video on Youtube so I had a nosey on Instagram and instantly knew there was a tit pot shaped hole in my life.

Emma the Scottish creator of Potyertitsawayluv runs the business from her home in Leeds. She’s a one woman band which is so inspiring! Every so often Emma puts up a slot of 20 commissions for her pots on her tictail shop online. It’s an intense process trying to get a pot because the demand for the pots is so high.

The Process

I saved money aside when the commission date was announced and set my alarm, I was so nervous that I wouldn’t get one but I managed, first time too! I managed to get a tit pot but can never manage gig tickets. I received an email from Emma through the tictail site requesting reference photos and an order number that I was to send through Whatsapp. I felt a lot more comfortable sending my photos through Whatsapp as it’s encrypted so no hackers could see my chesticles.

I ended up sending a few photos, I tried to capture my skin tone and boob shape but could never get the two in the one picture so ended up sending around 3/4 pictures. I discussed my nipple bar colour with Emma and that was it, super simple!

I waited around a month to receive my pot from the point of sending over the pictures which was such an exciting wait. I enjoyed the waiting process as it hyped me up for my order delivery and got me so excited to see the finished result.

After receiving my parcel, I was just overwhelmed with excitement, I (carefully) ripped open the box to see my lovely boobs sitting graciously on a pot.

The end result is beautiful, Emma got the look and skin tone of my boobs spot on. I only wish I had sent some side-on boob profile images for Emma to work with but she made a great improvisation of how my boobs look from the side with the images I provided for her.

It felt so liberating to show people my boobs and to desexualise them when showing my pot to family members. It did take a bit of explaining to my dad when I told him about my latest purchase but he loved the idea after assuring him it wasn’t a random guy on the internet seeing my boobs. Showing him was a funny experience, I sent him a photo and he phoned me up saying “well that’s a lovely way to find out your daughter has her nipples pierced” oops.

My tit pot now sits proudly on my bedside table housing my makeup brushes alongside another tit pot which was a birthday gift from friends. I sense the start of a collection.

I was totally thrilled with my experience with Potyertitsawayluv, Emma was so warm and easy to talk to which is exactly what you need when showing what can be an intimate body part. I would 100% recommend the full experience to anyone who would love to immortalise their tits in pot form.

You can find Emma and all her wonderful tit pots on Instagram @potyertitsawayluv or over at her website www.potyertitsawayluv.com/

Cara x