Ready-Made Jewellery

Ready-Made Jewellery

9th September 2018 0 By cara mccall

I’ve been on the look out for dainty, long wearing simplistic jewellery and I’ve found exactly that.

Over on Instagram I came across Ready-Made Jewellery, a jewellery company based in Los Angeles that take pride in their durable, tarnish free jewellery that is as strong as it is pretty.

I got in contact with them to see if they’d like to do a collaboration which they were totally up for. I had a browse through their website and purchased a piece that I had my eye on, a gold Bubble Wand bracelet. Now I don’t usually go for gold jewellery as I am actually allergic to gold so why did I choose the gold jewellery this time? Well Ready-Made’s jewellery is actually stainless steel and hypoallergenic which was a blessing to my eyes when I read that. I’ve missed out in experimenting with mixing metals when it comes to jewellery as everything thats gold tends to be either made of gold or from a cheap alternative so I jumped at the chance to get some gold bling.

As the company is based in L.A I was intrigued as to how long shipping would take and how much it would be, but the costs roughly exchanged to £11 which I wasn’t mad about. Using the website was so easy, it was one of the most lovely websites I’ve been on in a while, the user experience was flawless and everything was pink and white, a total dream. I placed my order on 30th August and received it on the 6th September, an exact week which I thought was not bad at all.

For a luxury jewellery brand the price point is more than reasonable, with prices starting from $65 (roughly £50) it is a great price for jewellery you’ll have for a life time. Their current collection “Ode to the 90’s” is stunning with pieces that included a Polly Pocket style doll necklace and “Stick On” REAL earrings! (Which I am lusting over).

Receiving my order was so exciting, I was overwhelmed by all the personal touches that the company put in with a hand written note, a warranty , a care guide for your jewellery, it really made it feel like a proper gift rather than just a parcel.

Now onto the good stuff. I was in awe opening up the jewellery box at how gorgeous and dainty the jewellery really is. Its exactly what I’ve been looking for and more. I love the nostalgic vibes that Ready-Made are known for, I was whisked back to my bubble blowing days of being a wee child with my gorgeous bubble wand bracelet. I’m so impressed at the quality of the jewellery and the packaging. I’m such a huge sucker for packaging and I was definitely left with butterflies opening up this gorgeous bracelet.

Heres some details about the jewellery and brand. All of Ready-Made’s jewellery is fade resistant, tarnish free and literally as tough as steel. They use man made gems and non traditional materials to get the most wear resistant jewellery and even boast that all jewellery can be worn in the shower.

They’re definitely one of the most fun and modern jewellery brands that I have discovered and they really understand that the average jewellery wearer enjoys wearing most of their jewellery pieces 24/7.

Head over to their website here where you can check out their collection and even get a 10% discount code with Cara10. You can also find Ready-Made over on instagram here.

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Cara x